Broadview Allergy Relief Center of Ohio

Distributors Of A Wide Range Of Filtropur Products


Filtropur is a manufacturing company for indoor filtration products that has authorized distributors including Broadview allergy relief center, TVA LLC. FVS Inc. the manufacturer of Filtropur, manufactures a wide range of filtration products including room filters, home filters, Enviro-breeze filters, hypo-allergic cleaning systems and many more. The company aims to do its best to provide a better life to the customers.

“Allergy Relief Center,
I really like my Filtropur air cleaner. I bought two of the air cleaners and gave one to my daughter in November. Since using the air cleaner my sinuses are much clearer. It takes the cooking odors out of my kitchen. When I put it in my bedroom, it...


Makes the room smell like fresh air. Very Satisfied"

-Joan Musial

"I scratched off the Poker Flier that was issued to me & had 4 Aces so I called the # on the Flier and agreed to have a salesman come to my home to give my husband and I a demonstration. I have allergies & thought this would relieve the sneezing & watering eyes. I haven’t sneezed once since.


It is quiet & eliminates odors

... which I’m grateful for, since my husband smokes (but only in the basement).”


-Jeanette Allton

The Filtropur's Sanitizing Filtration System ...

Leading products such as Filtropur's Sanitizing Filtration System; is designed and certified to kill 98% to 100% of bacteria and 99% to 100% of viruses. The sanitizing filtration system can remove 99.97% of the harmful bacteria and viruses from the air processed through the SFS. Removal of such harmful bacteria's with this high rate of efficiency reduces the probability of any illness. The use of Filtropur's products may lead to improving the health and well-being of the customers. Filtropur's filtration products has many advantages and with the use of these air filtration products, there may be less aggravation for those with acute or chronic problems. These products may reduce the risk of illness by removing many bacteria and viruses. The products provide the ideal atmosphere to spend a healthier life.

“This machine is working like the salesman Mike said it would. The air in my home is easier to breathe and the air is lighter to breathe making my asthma more controllable. I feel ...


... this machine should be accessible through Medicare

... for people who have breathing problems. This is my testament about this Filtropur Air Purifier.”


-Cellia M. Mosley

"Just wanted to give you a testimony about the sweeper/cleaner that we purchased a couple of months ago...


This product you have shared with us is magnificent!!!

We have tried other, so called cleaning systems in the past, only to find out that our money was wasted on some machine that cleaned no better than my own sweeper. But this product you have sold to us is wonderful. It cleaned my dining room screen door better than taking it off & spraying outside!!!!! My window screens also look brand new, & the window sills are so nice that I didn't have to get a knife out to try cleaning in the little cracks & crevices. Our carpets & furniture look like I just got them cleaned professionally, & the dog hair that nothing would pick up, this does. Thanks for sharing it with us, & we have no regrets, whatsoever, in our purchase. Have a great day!!!”

Utica, NE

According to Independent Reports...

... the air inside a house is much more polluted than outside. An independent survey revealed that the air of the inside surroundings is 200% to 500% more polluted than outside. This leads to poor air quality of indoors irritating the existing allergies. The advanced filtration system of Filtropur consists of a sealed filtration system to capture the pollutants down to a size as small as .3 microns. The most appreciated feature of this product is that it can constantly kill airborne contaminants.

“We’ve had our air cleaner since January 2013. It’s been running ever since and we’ve had no problems. We use it in the bedroom at night,


... it is not loud, the room smells good

... and we haven’t had any colds either. We named it Wall-ee after the little robot in a movie.”


-Charles Wantz

“Love the commercial sweeper...

Love the commercial sweeper. And the customer service from Filtropur is excellent!”


-Jim Hormicks

Using Filtropur's Filtration Products...

... has many advantages. With the use of these air filtration products, there may be less aggravation for those with acute or chronic problems. The usage of these filtration products also may reduces the risk of illness by removing many harmful bacteria and viruses. Moreover, you get fresher, cleaner smelling air at your premises.

"Since purchasing the SFS air filter we have noticed


... fresher smelling rooms as well as noticing that it does take the dust and particles

that would always be floating in the air, especially when the sun is shining and those particles would be clearly visible.”

-Marlene Lewis

"In January, 2012, I purchased both the Filtropur sweeper and the air cleaner. I have been delighted with the results. My allergies to dust, pollen and molds have been much less bothersome requiring me to use less medication than before purchasing these units. I am an RN and work in the Pediatric department at MetroHealth Medical Center. On a daily basis I see that allergies, resulting in Asthma and even contact rashes seem to be on the increase. I am happy to know that I have done the best that I can to keep my home defended against indoor air pollution. The cleaning system raises my carpet knapp and I can see that it has done a better job at removing dust, dirt and molds than my previous Kirby system.


I recommend these products to all my family and friends.”

-Pat Kral

The company has experienced staff...

... who work very hard and efficiently to design and manufacture the products that help in eliminating dust, dirt, dust mites, pollen, odors and toxic chemicals from indoors to offer a safe, clean and healthier environment. For more information, please visit